Best Pastel Hair Colors to Get Right Now

Best Pastel Hair Colors to Get Right Now
Best Pastel Hair Colors to Get Right Now

Discover trending pastel hair colors and learn how to choose the right shade, best brands, maintenance tips, and DIY coloring techniques. Achieve your dream pastel look!

Trending Pastel Hair Colors

One of the hottest hair trends right now is pastel hair colors. Not only are they fun and whimsical, but they also allow you to express your unique style in a bold and vibrant way.

When it comes to trending pastel hair colors, lavender and rose gold are currently at the top of the list. These shades offer a soft and feminine look that is perfect for the spring and summer months.

Other popular pastel hair colors include peach, mint green, and baby blue. These colors add a playful and youthful touch to your hair, and they can be mixed and matched for a custom look.

Whether you opt for a full head of pastel color or just a few subtle highlights, these trending pastel hair colors are sure to turn heads and make a statement.

Choosing the Right Pastel Shade

When it comes to pastel hair colors, choosing the right shade is crucial to achieving the perfect look. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. One of the first things to consider is your skin tone. For those with warm undertones, pastel shades like peach or rose gold may complement your complexion beautifully. On the other hand, cool undertones pair well with pastel blues or purples. Another factor to consider is the current color of your hair. While some pastel shades may require pre-lightening, others may work well on darker hair.

It’s also important to take into account your personal style and the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Are you going for a soft and feminine vibe, or do you prefer something edgier and more bold? The pastel hair color you choose should reflect your personality and complement your fashion sense. Additionally, consider the maintenance and upkeep of the pastel shade you choose. Some may require more frequent touch-ups and special care to keep them looking vibrant and fresh.

Before making a decision, it can be helpful to consult with a professional hairstylist. They can offer expert advice on which pastel shade would work best for you based on your natural hair color and skin tone. They can also provide insight into the best pastel hair color brands and products to use for achieving and maintaining your desired look.

Ultimately, the key to choosing the right pastel shade is taking the time to consider all the factors mentioned above. By doing so, you can ensure that you end up with a pastel hair color that not only looks stunning but also makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Best Pastel Hair Color Brands

When it comes to choosing the best pastel hair color brand, it’s important to consider the quality of the products as well as the range of shades available. One of the top brands for pastel hair color is Manic Panic, known for their vibrant and long-lasting dyes. Another popular brand is Arctic Fox, which offers a wide selection of pastel shades that are also cruelty-free and vegan.

In addition to these brands, Lime Crime is also a favorite among those looking for pastel hair color options. Their Unicorn Hair line features a variety of pastel shades in a semi-permanent formula. For those who want a more natural and organic option, Overtone offers pastel hair color conditioners that are free of harsh chemicals and can be used to maintain pastel hair at home.

Lastly, for those who prefer a professional-grade pastel hair color, Pravana is a top choice. Their pastel shades are known for their longevity and ability to create beautiful, pastel-colored locks. No matter which brand you choose, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully to achieve the best results for your pastel hair.

How to Maintain Pastel Hair

When it comes to maintaining pastel hair, it’s important to use the right products and techniques to keep your color looking fresh and vibrant. One of the most crucial steps in maintaining pastel hair is using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Look for products specifically designed for color-treated hair, as these will help to preserve the pastel color and prevent fading.

Another important tip for maintaining pastel hair is to limit the use of hot tools. Heat styling can cause the color to fade more quickly, so try to minimize your use of flat irons, curling wands, and blow dryers. If you do need to use heat styling tools, be sure to apply a heat protectant spray beforehand to help protect the color.

In addition to using the right products and avoiding excessive heat styling, it’s also important to protect your pastel hair from the sun. UV rays can cause the color to fade, so consider wearing a hat or using hair products that contain UV protection when spending time outdoors.

Finally, regular touch-ups are essential for maintaining pastel hair. Depending on the rate of growth of your hair and the specific pastel shade you have, you may need to touch up your roots every 4-6 weeks to keep the color looking fresh and vibrant.

Tips for DIY Pastel Hair Coloring

When it comes to DIY pastel hair coloring, there are a few important tips to keep in mind to achieve the best results. Firstly, it’s crucial to start with hair that is in good condition, as the lightening process can be damaging. Regular deep conditioning treatments can help to maintain the health of your hair.

Another important tip is to choose the right shade of pastel hair color for your skin tone. Consider opting for warmer tones if you have a warmer complexion, and cooler tones if you have a cooler complexion. This will help to ensure that the color looks flattering and complements your skin tone.

Before applying the pastel hair color, it’s important to use a lightening or bleaching treatment to achieve a pale base. This will allow the pastel color to show up more vibrantly. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and do a strand test beforehand to avoid any unexpected results.

After coloring your hair, it’s essential to use color-safe and sulfate-free hair care products to maintain the vibrancy of the pastel color. This will help to prevent the color from fading quickly and keep your hair looking fresh and vibrant for as long as possible.

In addition, regular touch-ups may be necessary to keep the pastel color looking its best. This will help to address any fading or regrowth and maintain the overall look of your DIY pastel hair color.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular pastel hair colors for this season?

Some popular pastel hair colors for this season include lavender, baby blue, rose gold, and mint green.

Can I achieve pastel hair colors at home?

Yes, you can achieve pastel hair colors at home using semi-permanent or temporary hair dyes. However, for best results, it’s recommended to visit a professional stylist.

How should I care for my pastel-colored hair to maintain the color?

To maintain your pastel-colored hair, use color-safe and sulfate-free shampoos, wash with cold water, and avoid excessive heat styling. Additionally, regular touch-ups may be required to keep the color vibrant.

Are pastel hair colors suitable for all hair types?

Pastel hair colors can be suitable for various hair types, but those with lighter hair colors or those willing to bleach their hair may achieve the best results.

What skin tones complement pastel hair colors the best?

Pastel hair colors can complement a range of skin tones, but generally, cooler undertones like lavender and baby blue can complement fair to light skin tones, while warmer tones like rose gold can complement medium to deep skin tones.

Can I mix multiple pastel colors in my hair?

Yes, you can mix and blend multiple pastel colors in your hair for a unique and customized look. This can be done by a professional stylist for best results.

How long do pastel hair colors typically last?

Pastel hair colors typically last between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the color used, hair care routine, and how often the hair is washed.


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