Rihanna Hairstyles That Are Worth Stealing

Rihanna Hairstyles That Are Worth Stealing
Rihanna Hairstyles That Are Worth Stealing

Discover Rihanna’s iconic red carpet looks, signature short bob, edgy pixie cut, long waves, and ever-changing hair colors. Get inspired by her trendy hairstyles!

Iconic Rihanna Red Carpet Looks

Rihanna is known for her bold and daring fashion choices, and her red carpet looks are no exception. From stunning gowns to edgy ensembles, the singer never fails to make a statement when she steps onto the red carpet.

One of Rihanna’s most iconic red carpet looks was her show-stopping Met Gala appearance in 2015. She wore a stunning yellow gown designed by Chinese fashion house Guo Pei, which featured intricate embroidery and a dramatic train. The bold choice cemented her status as a fashion icon and set the internet abuzz with admiration.

Another memorable red carpet moment from Rihanna was at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards, where she accepted the Fashion Icon Award. She wore a sheer, sparkly gown that left little to the imagination, and paired it with a matching headscarf and gloves. This daring look solidified her reputation as a boundary-pushing trendsetter.

Whether she’s rocking a sleek and sophisticated look or pushing the boundaries of fashion with a bold and daring ensemble, Rihanna’s red carpet looks are always worth stealing. Her fearless approach to fashion inspires countless fans to embrace their own personal style and take risks with their wardrobe choices.

Rihanna’s Signature Short Bob

Rihanna’s signature short bob is one of her most iconic hairstyles, and it’s no wonder why. The sleek and chic bob perfectly frames her face, giving her an edgy and sophisticated look. This hairstyle has been a staple for Rihanna, and she has managed to rock it in various ways, from blunt cuts to asymmetrical styles.

One of the best things about Rihanna’s signature short bob is that it’s versatile and easy to style. Whether she’s wearing it straight and sleek or adding a bit of texture and volume, she always manages to make it look effortlessly stunning. The key to achieving this look is regular trims to maintain the shape and keeping the hair healthy and shiny.

If you’re looking to steal Rihanna’s signature short bob, it’s important to find a skilled stylist who can tailor the cut to suit your face shape and features. Communication is key, so don’t be afraid to bring reference photos of Rihanna’s iconic bob to show your stylist exactly what you want. Remember that confidence is the key to pulling off any hairstyle, so rock your short bob with pride and embrace the Rihanna-inspired look.

When it comes to styling, you can take cues from Rihanna and experiment with different looks. Add some texture with a bit of sea salt spray for a beachy vibe, or go for a sleek and polished look with a straightening iron. Regardless of how you choose to style it, Rihanna’s signature short bob is a timeless and classic hairstyle that is definitely worth stealing.

Steal Rihanna’s Edgy Pixie Cut

Rihanna is known for her ever-changing hairstyles, and her edgy pixie cut is no exception. This bold and daring haircut has become one of her signature looks, and it’s no wonder why. The pixie cut is an effortless and edgy style that can be both feminine and fierce at the same time. Rihanna has rocked this look on numerous occasions, and each time she manages to make it look fresh and new.

Stealing Rihanna’s edgy pixie cut is easier than you might think. The key to pulling off this look is confidence. Rihanna exudes confidence in everything she does, and her pixie cut is no exception. Whether you’re going for a super short, choppy pixie or a longer, more textured style, the key is to own it. Embrace the edginess of the cut and rock it with confidence.

When it comes to styling a pixie cut, Rihanna often opts for a messy, bedhead look. This adds to the edginess of the cut and gives it a more relaxed feel. Use a texturizing spray or pomade to add texture and volume to your pixie cut, and don’t be afraid to mess it up a bit with your fingers. The key is to keep the look effortless and undone.

Another way to steal Rihanna’s edgy pixie cut is to play with color. Rihanna has experimented with a wide range of hair colors, from platinum blonde to fiery red. Consider adding a pop of color to your pixie cut to make it stand out even more. Whether it’s a bold platinum blonde or a vibrant shade of red, playing with color can take your pixie cut to the next level.

Ultimately, stealing Rihanna’s edgy pixie cut is all about embracing your own unique style and owning the look with confidence. Whether you opt for a super short and choppy pixie or a longer, more textured style, the key is to make it your own and rock it with confidence, just like Rihanna does.

Get the Look: Rihanna’s Long Waves

Rihanna is known for her ever-changing hairstyles, but one of her most iconic looks has to be her long waves. Whether she’s rocking beachy waves or voluminous curls, Rihanna always knows how to make a statement with her hairstyle. If you’ve been lusting after her long waves, you’re in luck – we’ve got the inside scoop on how you can steal Rihanna’s signature look!

First things first, to achieve Rihanna’s long waves, you’ll need to start with the right haircut. Ask your hairstylist for long layers to create movement and texture in your hair. This will help give your waves that effortless, tousled look that Rihanna is known for.

Next, it’s all about the styling. To get Rihanna’s long waves, start by applying a heat protectant to your hair and then use a curling wand to create loose, natural-looking waves. Once you’ve finished styling, use a texturizing spray to add body and definition to your waves, just like Rihanna does.

Of course, no Rihanna-inspired hairstyle would be complete without the right attitude. Embrace the confidence and fierceness that Rihanna is known for, and you’ll be rocking her long waves like a true diva in no time!

Rihanna’s Ever-Changing Hair Colors

Rihanna’s Ever-Changing Hair Colors

One thing that Rihanna is known for apart from her incredible talent is her ever-changing hair colors. From fiery red to icy blonde, she has experimented with almost every color of the rainbow, and pulled it off effortlessly.

Over the years, Rihanna has rocked stunning shades such as bold red, platinum blonde, pastel pink, and even a daring turquoise. Each new color seemed to suit her perfectly, and it’s no wonder that she became a trendsetter in the world of hair fashion.

Her fearless approach to hair color has inspired countless fans to experiment with their own looks, proving that hair color is the ultimate form of self-expression. Whether you’re looking to go bold with a vibrant hue or opt for a more subtle change, Rihanna’s ever-changing hair colors serve as the perfect inspiration.

If you’re feeling inspired by Rihanna’s bold hair color choices, remember to consult with a professional colorist to ensure that you achieve the desired results without damaging your hair. With the right guidance, you can transform your look and embrace the same fearless spirit that Rihanna embodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some iconic Rihanna hairstyles?

Some iconic Rihanna hairstyles include the short pixie cut, long sleek straight hair, and the bold red curly hair.

How can I achieve Rihanna’s short pixie cut?

To achieve Rihanna’s short pixie cut, you’ll need to have a skilled hairstylist who can create the precise and edgy cut. It’s also important to maintain the cut with regular trims.

What products can I use to achieve Rihanna’s sleek straight hair?

To achieve Rihanna’s sleek straight hair, you can use a quality flat iron to straighten your hair and finish with a shine-enhancing serum or hair oil.

Is it possible to recreate Rihanna’s bold red curly hair at home?

While it’s possible to recreate Rihanna’s bold red curly hair at home, it’s recommended to consult with a professional hairstylist to choose the right shade of red and get the perfect curly texture.

Are there any low-maintenance Rihanna hairstyles for everyday wear?

Yes, Rihanna has rocked low-maintenance styles like long waves or a messy bun, which are perfect for everyday wear and require minimal effort to style.

What face shapes suit Rihanna’s iconic hairstyles?

Rihanna’s hairstyles are versatile and can complement a variety of face shapes. However, it’s important to consult with a hairstylist to determine the best cut and style for your specific face shape.

How can I protect my hair when trying out different Rihanna hairstyles?

To protect your hair when trying out different Rihanna hairstyles, it’s important to use heat protectant products when using hot tools and to follow a regular hair care routine to keep your hair healthy and strong.


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