Playful Ways to Wear Yarn Dreads

Playful Ways to Wear Yarn Dreads
Playful Ways to Wear Yarn Dreads

Discover trendy yarn dread styles including braided yarn dreads, dread buns, ponytails, and headbands. Get inspiration for your next yarn dread hairstyle.

Braided Yarn Dreads

One playful way to wear yarn dreads is by styling them into braids. Yarn dreads are a fun and versatile way to add color and texture to your hair, and braiding them can create a unique and eye-catching look. Whether you choose to braid all of your dreads or just a few, the braided style adds an element of interest to your hair.

Another option for braided yarn dreads is to create a braided headband. This style involves braiding a section of your dreads at the front of your head and then wrapping them around to create a headband. This not only adds a playful touch to your hairstyle, but it also keeps your dreads out of your face.

If you have long enough dreads, you can also braid them into pigtails for a fun and youthful look. This style is perfect for adding a playful touch to your overall look, and the braids can be left loose for a more casual vibe or secured with colorful ties or ribbons for a more whimsical feel.

For those with shorter dreads, consider braiding them into a bun. This style can be worn high on the head for a fun and flirty look, or lower down for a more relaxed and bohemian feel. Adding braids to your yarn dreads can take your hairstyle to the next level and add a playful and unique touch to your look.

Yarn Dread Bun

Yarn dread buns are a fun and versatile way to style your yarn dreads. To create a yarn dread bun, start by gathering all of your dreads into a high ponytail. Twist the dreads together to create a thick rope, then wrap the rope around the base of the ponytail to form a bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins or a hair elastic, and you’re good to go!

For a more casual look, leave a few stray dreads hanging loose around your face. You can also accessorize your yarn dread bun with hair jewelry, such as colorful beads or shells. This style is perfect for a day at the beach or a music festival.

If you’re looking for a more polished look, try smoothing back your hair and adding a headband or scarf to cover the base of the bun. This will give your yarn dread bun a more finished and put-together appearance, making it perfect for a night out or a special occasion.

Yarn dread buns are a great way to keep your dreads out of your face while still looking stylish. They’re also a quick and easy hairstyle to put together, making them perfect for busy mornings or lazy weekends. So go ahead, give the yarn dread bun a try and see how playful and versatile this style can be!

Yarn Dreads Half-Up Style

When it comes to wearing yarn dreads, there are so many fun and creative styles to try out. One playful way to wear your yarn dreads is in a half-up style, which can give you a trendy and effortless look.

To achieve the half-up style with your yarn dreads, start by sectioning off the top half of your hair and pulling it back. Then, gather the section of hair at the crown of your head and twist it into a small bun or ponytail. This will create a cute and stylish look that also keeps your yarn dreads out of your face.

Another way to rock the half-up style with your yarn dreads is by adding some embellishments, such as colorful beads or hair accessories. These added touches can give your look an extra touch of personality and flair.

Whether you’re getting ready for a casual day out or a special event, the half-up style with yarn dreads is a versatile option that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Plus, it’s a great way to show off the unique texture and style of your yarn dreads.

Yarn Dread Ponytail

So, you’ve got your yarn dreads all set and you’re looking for a fun and stylish way to wear them. Why not try a yarn dread ponytail? This playful hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re heading to a music festival or just hanging out with friends. It’s a simple yet eye-catching look that is sure to turn heads.

Start by gathering your yarn dreads into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. You can use a hair tie or elastic band to secure them in place. Make sure to leave a few dreads loose around your face to frame it and add a soft, romantic touch.

Once your yarn dreads are secure, you can take the look to the next level by adding some accessories. Try weaving a colorful ribbon or scarf through the base of the ponytail for a bohemian vibe, or wrap a few small beaded hair cuffs around individual dreads for a touch of sparkle.

For a more casual look, you can leave the ends of your yarn dreads loose and free-flowing, or for a more polished look, you can twist them into a rope and secure them with a matching hair tie. Either way, this yarn dread ponytail is a fun and flirty style that is sure to make a statement!

Yarn Dread Headband

One fun way to style your yarn dreads is by using a headband. This is a playful and versatile look that can be achieved with ease. All you need is a colorful headband that complements your dreads and you’re good to go!

Start by wrapping the headband around your head, positioning it right along your hairline. Then, pull your yarn dreads over the headband, covering it completely. You can leave some dreads hanging at the front for a bohemian chic look, or tuck them all under the headband for a sleek and stylish finish.

Another option is to braid a few yarn dreads and wind them around the headband like a crown for a regal and unique style. Experiment with different headband widths and patterns to find the perfect match for your yarn dreads.

Whether you’re headed to a music festival, a casual day out, or even a special occasion, the headband is a playful way to showcase your yarn dreads and add some fun to your look.


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